From both sides of the flag is about the authors experiences and observations about living life in a world with deeply entrenched “views” on righteousness and morals. In the age of social media, words on a screen are lain out to be picked at, debated and twisted. Lines are drawn, camps are formed and flags are raised to rally around. But what is life like when you live on both sides of the flag? The one you love sets you in one camp, but the god you serve places you in another.



From Both Sides of the Flag

From both sides of the flag is a voice that tries to seek truth, justice, compassion and love for all human beings. As writers we have to acknowledge that our words are filtered through our personal experiences, challenges and privileges. We live our lives torn between many different groups that would lay a claim to us because of the god we believe in, who we choose to love, where we live, and how we spend the hours of our days. This blog was created as a way of giving voice to the injustice and brokenness we see in the world around us, and we hope that our words will help to restore the perspective of humanity to conversations with deeply divided causes.

We’d love to hear your responses and enter in to conversations about what we write. Leave us a comment, share what you read, speak with a friend or a stranger. Our prayer is that by engaging in conversations that help us to see the “other side” our own hearts are softened and this world becomes a brighter more love filled place. If your interested in submitting a post, contact us through the contact form in the menu.


We’d like to hear from you and about your experiences on both sides of the flag.

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